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Frequent Q&A
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1. Q: Does this bedside lamp have requirements for a mobile operating system? 
A: For Android 4.4 and above systems, iOS 8 and above systems, WiFi-enabled mobile phones.
2. Q: What is the shape and size of the bedside lamp?
A: The bedside lamp is a cylindrical barrel structure measuring 100mm in diameter and 221mm in height and weighing 680 grams.
3. Q: Is there any accessory for this bedside light?
A: There is a power adapter.
4. Q: How is this bedside light connected to a cell phone?

A: WiFi 2.4G IEEE 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth BLE.

5. Q: Can this bedside lamp change color?

A: Yes, it can transform 16 million colors.

6. Q: What is the operating power of the bedside lamp?

A: Not much power, only 10 watts.

7. Q: How bright is the brightness of the bedside lamp?

A: The luminous flux is 300 lumens, which is equivalent to an incandescent lamp of about 40 watts.

8. Q: What is the life of the bedside lamp?

A: The service life is about 25000 hours.

9. Q: What is the light control of the bedside lamp?

A: Support touch control and APP software control.

10. Q: What is the working voltage of the bedside lamp?

A: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A

11. Q: Is there a separate APP control software for this bedside light?

A: Yes, currently you can use Yeelight independent light control APP software in addition to the Xiaomi smart home APP control software.

12. Q: What are the modes of use for bedside lamps?

A: At present, there are four kinds, one is a light-off mode, one is a white light mode, one is a color light mode, and the other is a streamer mode.

13. Q: Can this bedside lamp connect two or more mobile phones?

A: Yes, this bedside lamp supports sharing function and can connect multiple mobile phones. Currently there is no limit to the number.

14. Q: Can a cell phone control multiple bedside lights?

A: Yes, there is no limit to the current number.

15. Q: What is the distance between the bedside lamp and the mobile phone?

A: There is no limit to this distance. As long as both the mobile phone and the bedside light are in a network environment, they can be connected at will.

16. Q: What is the distance between the bedside lamp and the router?

A: The connection distance is 30 meters or more (intermediate accessibility).

17. Q: How to reset the bedside lamp?

A: In the case of power-on, by turning on the key+mode key for 5 seconds at the same time, the light changes to red, green, and blue after two times, indicating that the reset was successful.

18. Q: Can bedside lamps be upgraded?

A: Yes, when new firmware is available, the bedside lamp can be upgraded via the “Check Firmware Update” button in the setup menu.

19. Q: Does the bedside lamp support delayed light off?

A: Support, long press the key, until the light breathing effect, release the start delay light function, the default delay of 15 minutes after the lights off; can also use the APP control menu "delay light off" button on the bed The lamp is set to delay the lamp off time. The setting range is 1-60 minutes.

20. Q: Does the bedside lamp support time switch light?

A: Support, you can set the time switch on the bedside lamp through the "Time Switch" button in the control menu.

21. Q: Does the bedside lamp connection have a requirement for the router?

A: No, it supports all brands of routers with wireless WiFi capabilities.

22. Q: What can I do if I cannot search for a bedside lamp?


First, try resetting the bedside lights. The reset method is as follows:

In the case of power-on, by turning on the key+mode key for 5 seconds at the same time, the light changes to red, green, and blue after two times, indicating that the reset was successful. Don't turn off the lights at this time. After the reset is successful, turn on the smart home app again. At this time, you will be automatically prompted to find the "m bedside light ****", then follow the prompts to install, but also pay attention to some environmental requirements :

1. The mobile phone and bedside light are both in WIFI connection and connected to the Internet.

2. The WIFI signal connected to the bedside lamp only supports 2.4G and does not support 5G.

3. The WIFI signal name of the router may not have Chinese characters.

4, if the mobile phone Android 4.4 and above systems, iOS 8 and above systems, with WiFi-enabled mobile phones.

5, look at the router's security level, if the level is set to high, there may be automatically shielded bedside lamp connection, you can set the router level is low, after a successful connection, and then set back. 

23. Q: What should I do if the headlights are off?


1. Power supply is correctly connected (100-240V 50/60HZ 0.5A).

2. Is the adapter properly inserted into the power supply?

3, whether the adapter is correctly inserted into the bedside lamp power jack and good contact. 

24. Q: Newly purchased Yeelight LED bedside lamp for connection timeout?


The process of connection requires data exchange between mobile phones, bedside lamps, routers, and cloud servers. The process is complex and prone to timeouts. There are several possible causes of connection timeout. The current possible scenarios are:

1. The network environment used by the product.

2. The adaptation of the mobile phone and the bedside lamp.

3. Adaptation of routers and bedside lights.

4. Data interaction with cloud servers.

5. The entered network password is incorrect.

When a timeout occurs, it is recommended to try several more times.

25. Q: This bedside lamp supports smart home app control. Does it support linkage with other smart home devices?

A: Mi's bedside lamps support the linkage of Green Rice's smart home suites, such as human sensors and wireless switches.

26. Q: Can a bedside lamp be controlled by a remote control?

A: The bedside light supports Yeelight remote control, and the remote control is non-standard and needs to be purchased separately.

27. Q: How does the bedside lamp pair with the remote?

A: Keep the remote control and the bedside light in the same room, and then turn on the bedside light. After 60 seconds of power on, do the following operations, and press the remote control OFF+M key at the same time, the indicator of the remote control will flash , that is connected, waiting for the bedside lamp light red, green and blue after 3 times into white light, the connection is successful.

28. Q: Can bedside lamps charge or use mobile power?

A: No, it can only be powered by the adapter.

29. Q: What is the standby power of bedside lamps?

A: 0.8 watts.

30. Q: What is the range of color temperature adjustment for bedside lamps?

A: The color temperature adjustment range is 1700K-6500K.

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