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Frequent Q&A
1. Q: Can it be controlled or set up by mobile phone? 
A: No, neither.
2. Q: Does it have any accessories?
A: Yes, a Micro-USB charging line and a piece of Magnetic Disc for sticking the light to the wall.
3. Q: What is the size and weight of the light?
A: The size is 73mm x 73mm x 34mm and the weight is about 73g.
4. Q: Can it change colors?

A: No.

5. Q: What is the color temperature range of the light?

A: Only fixed color temperature of 2700K, not adjustable.

6. Q: How much is the brightness of the light?

A: 3.5lm for "AUTO“ mode and 7lm for ”ON“ mode.

7. Q: What is the power supply mode and working voltage of the light?

A: It uses rechargeable lithium battery for power supply and the working voltage is 3.7V.

8. Q: What is the general service life of light?

A: Theoretically , its service life is about 25000 hours. According to the calculation of 15 times a day, it can theoretically be used for 120 days when it's full of energy.

9. Q: What is the lighting control principle of the light?


1. "AUTO" mode:The light will automatically turn on  when detecting human motion in the dark environment, and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds.

2. “ON” mode:The light will be on all the time.

10. Q: What is the sensing range of the light?

A: Sensing range is up to 5-7 meters in the front and 2-3 meters on the sides of the sensor with a 120 degree sensing angle. The sensitivity of the sensor is relative to environment temperature, human body type, and moving speed.

11. Q: How long will the light stay on after it turns on in the "AUTO" mode?

A: The light will stay on for about 15s. If  human motion is detected all the time, the light will stay on until the motion detection is disappeared.

12. Q: What are the installation recommendations of the light?


1. Avoid to place the light close to any heat source, such as heater. Avoid to place the light close to anything that can change humidity, such as humidifier. Avoid direct

sunlight and humid environment.

2. It is recommended that the range of mounting height is 0.4m-1m. Vertical wall mounting is better than horizontal. The light will not work if mounted on a roof or ceiling.

13. Q: What are the opertation recommendations of the light?


1. Please charge the light before use.

2. Please do not cover the sensor. Use clean and soft cloth to clean the sensor, do not use any product contains corrosive solvent.

3. Please charge your light whenever it is needed.

4. Red indicator light indicates the light is charging. Indicator light off means it’s fully charged.

14. Q: What should I do if I can't turn on the light?


1. Check whether the battery is sufficient. 

2. Toggle switch gear to confirm whether it is in "OFF" mode. 

15. Q: What should I do if the light stays on all the time?

A: The light will turn on whether it is in "ON" mode or "AUTO" mode:

1. ”AUTO“ mode: Motion Detection Mode. The light will turn on when it detects human motion at dark environment. The light will automatically turn off after about 15 seconds. 

2.”ON“ mode: Light stays ON mode. In this mode, the light will stay on all the time.